Black bean Ramen

 Black Bean Ramen, dressed up with an egg and that little tinfoil flavour pack that comes in the ramen
Sure it looks like brains and blood clots, ignore the zombie grey colour and the wiggly appearance (unless it is actually wiggling, in which case pay close attention as you dispose of it far far from your home)

This delightful dish was discovered by the genius called necessity. As in, it is necessary to eat and there is only plain ramen left and this can of beans. In true explorer fashion we gathered are gear and went forth on this flavour safari armed only with a pot and some water.

After boiling and draining the ramen we simply added the can of black beans, juice and all, to the pot. Stirring slowly over medium heat we were mesmerizedand somewhat nauseated by the odd colour. Fearlessly we stirred on as the ramen continued to absorb the fluids and became a sickly grey. Salt did nothing to improve its colour, and all hope of presentation was lost.

Being inquisitive, adventuresome and bloody hungry, we risked a taste of this mass of noodlie knots, shoveling it into our mouths as if returning some wayward brain matter to its rightful bone cave, and for this heroic effort, we were richly rewarded.

This tastes nothing like it looks, it actually makes ramen tasty instead of just palatable, the beans hold their texture while their flavour explodes out in tendrils of chaotic monochrome like fireworks on a black and white TV. It is also surprisingly filling, two bags of compressed noodles and one can of beans can feed two and not leave them lacking.  And when you are eating something grey with black bits, the faster you sate your hunger the better.


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