The Timmie’s Experience 

How as a true Canadian can I have a food related blog that does not address Tim Horton’s?  The coffee and donut flagship of our nation. Canada is known for few things beyond its borders. Other then compulsive apologies, hockey, Maple Syrup, beavers, and Tim Horton’s is the sum of our shared cultural heritage.

You cannot escape Timmie’s overwhelming presence, as his name appears on TV screens, billboards and shopfronts everywhere across this nation. A nation that in some places, like London Ontario, you can order a coffee at Tim Hortons have a seat in the eating area and enjoy the majestic view of a Tim Hortons across the street as you enjoy your caffeinated beverage.

As an old school and penniless critic I chose to order a more classic fare, no grilled sandwich or salad or parfait for me. Coffee and a donut, the jitter filled foundation this empire was built upon.

A distinctive coffee flavour that can only be purchased in this establishment ( or by adding a small amount of cocoa to your home brew) served in cups that invite you, nay, challenge you to roll up the tightly rolled wax sealed rim to see the please play again message cup after cup.

A sugary deep fried dough ball, filled with the messy filling of your choice, engineered to squirt goo upon your unsuspecting shirt, tie or pants. For the less adventuresome, or at least, more fashion conscious, the classic donut that appears the same size but has 10% of its goodness sneakily removed from its center to be sold separately for an additional profit.

Regardless of this obvious marketing ploy, we line up, politely, and wait our turn to fill our faces with golden cake drenched in the colourful coating of our choice. From chocolate to maple to little coloured balls of tooth chipping confection or simply more sugar in powdered, liquid or cinnamon form, this rainbow display taunts us from its glass enclosure or cages just out of reach beyond the counter while visor clad caffeine fueled individuals place scalding hot cups of bean infused water before us. An assembly line of sorts, where the worn out, over worked masses are refueled by our traditional liquid cocaine to face another day of tedium.

Donut or doughnut consumed, tie brushed off, thin paper cup balanced precariously to  prevent third degree burns to fingers and palm I stumble towards the office past the line of drudgery patiently waiting their turn.

My caffeine and sugar levels replenished I can return to work, fully prepared to meet the day and ‘please play again’ tomorrow.

(Apologies for the late post, work and my daughter’s birthday limited my self indulgence for hours)


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