Oh sweet lover

Awakening I wonder if she’s still here, or has she left sometime in the night, consumed by some compulsion. I tiptoe down the stairs and find her waiting, her tan skin exposed to my view.

We had met by chance in a dark neglected corner, and as I drew her out into the light how could I know such sweetness, when dressed so plainly.

I removed her top slowly and revealed the flour of her being. Oatmeal textured and freckled with chocolaty chips. She leapt naked into the water and didn’t object as I suggested that a tablespoon of oil in the water would moisten our blending. Caressing her around the pool of water the bond thickened and I knew that soon, it would become to hot to bare.

I fantasizes about her overflowing cups as I spooned with her into various positions around the tray. We parted for a moment as I prepared, and then jammed inside her, over and over a dozen times. While she continued to heat close by. 18 agonizing minutes later I pulled her close to me and rested. While she cooled I could barely contain myself from reaching for her again, my desire to caress her with my tongue, to brush my lips against her, to consume her entirely, was overpowering and before going to my rest, I stole a piece of her to ease my hunger.

Now this morning she sits there still, and when spread reveals the sweet necter of her filling. Sharing herself completely within my hungry mouth.

Oh muffins, we shall do this dance again soon.


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