Smoke’s Poutine experience 

So just ordered and ate some Smokes Poutine. And by some I mean less then half. 

While the portion is of generous size the quality is miserly. For $10 after tax I got a good size box of unsalted flavourless lightly fried potato wedges sprinkled with a large amount of acceptably bland cheese curds covered in a gravy.

And by gravy I mean a tan coloured milk consistent liquid that’s complete lack of flavour makes me believe that this product’s closest encounter to a cow was a picture on a can, or if it was suppose to be chicken gravy, I really can’t tell, the image of a rooster on a box of lightly applied corn starch was the sole poultry contribution.

To summarize: that’s tasteless fries with tasteless cheese covered in tasteless brown juice. Perhaps if my palate had been prepared by an assault of alcoholic over abundance or my brain fogged by inebriation to the point of only basic functions such as breath, eat, don’t fall down. I could have found some enjoyment in my meal. But as a lunch on a work day it was of such blandness that my Friday afternoon meal left me with the taste of Monday morning.  

 If you are very drunk, but have not quite reached the point of picking up scraps of pizza from the curb to satisfy your cravings, then I can highly recommend Smokes Poutine. But if you are sober, or at least able to stagger past, I recommend another eatery to satisfy your hunger.


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