Down to the second.

The counter flashes numbers at me, only minutes to act, but what to choose? Precious seconds are wasted reviewing my options and sweat beads on my forehead at the strain I am under.

A minute has passed, time is running out, I have to make a decision now.

With a prayer to the goddess of luck I select from my available options and hope for the best.

Walking quickly from my desk I head towards the locker room and grasping my coat in trembling hands I make my way back past the office and down the escalator, aware that every beat of my heart is being recorded by the clock on my computer screen counting down to dinner break oblivion.

At the bottom of the escalator there are three paths but having made my decision I chose the one to Dundas St without further consideration, and rush to the Coffee Culture across from the library.

 As the clock counts down behind me, butterflies fluttered in my stomach, from hunger? From apprehension at the line up? I will never know as I have a clear path to the counter and chose the first thing that catches my eye on the menu.

The Asiago Bagle. An all day breakfast choice of a cheese Bagle loaded with egg cheddar tomato and of all things, avocado.

Normally I avoid avocado due to being a super taster. Just as cilantro  tastes like dish soap, avocado tastes like green crayon to our over developed palate.

Never the less I was pleasantly surprised to find that green crayon complements old cheddar and tomato quite well and when placed on a cheese bun with an egg it becomes delightful in its subtlety. The egg is still the familiar base of this construction and it’s flavour is still easily found, not smoothered by any of the other items crying for your attention. The cheese is tart and flavourful and the tomato sweet. lastly is the Avacado, which is far more suble in it’s flavour then expected. Just adding a soft vague undercurrent of summer grass to the senses. Even with only a few minutes to wolf down this sandwich, you can savour it and briefly forget it’s Febuary and the long Canadian winter has not finished with you yet. For just a moment, you can taste that smell of late spring and dream of days to come.

There is no question I enjoyed this quick meal in the twelve minutes I had to savour it, with 6 minutes left, I returned to the office and the ever present break counter that was rapidly approaching zero.

Sated and relaxed I returned to my desk, deftly chose the correct button and stopped the timer with seconds to spare, another break successfully completed, another meal consumed, and another happy customer served a hint of summer by Alice, barista of the coffee culture.

In all, a good day.


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