Not so plain white rice

SO there’s a little white rice left in the pot, enough for a pilaff to rest tai dop voy or saluted beef and green pepper on, like joy sitting on a cloud, unfortunately, I don’t have anything in the fridge to make a dish like that. I have eggs. 

Now I’ve had a fried egg beside white rice before ant while plain it’s tasty enough, but what of egg soaked fried rice? That I’ve never had.

So I tossed the cold rice in a bowl and mixed a couple of eggs into it, then poured it into a frying pan with some basic spices to my taste. 

What emerged was omelette like and surprisingly good. The rice had added something to the egg, a taste similar to my wife’s scrambled eggs. Where she adds a sprinkle of flour to the beaten eggs I had added rice, and created the same taste with more texture. A rice omelette that added a sense of wholesomeness to the eggs while exciting the rice from its bland filler place in cuisine. 

 This time the smokey addition of dark rye bread complemented the dish instead of insulting it. ( the last dish I had with rye had been like eating while someone blew smoke in your face. See failure to lunch)

While a simple fare, the rice and egg mixture blended well into a filling and comforting meal. Turning the eggs from a worn blanket, to a down quilt to snuggle up under on a cold winters day. 

If I make this again I will add a side of tomato soup, and with that, I could sit and watch a blizzard blow in without so much as a flinch.

Tomorrow should be interesting, since I am now out of eggs.


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