Confession: I’m a Poacher 

I have lost the little plastic cups for my egg poacher, and have had to find another way to make one of my favourite breakfasts. Lucky for me, people were poaching eggs even before the 1970s, so I pulled out my archaic knowledge and went to work. 

If you love poached eggs but can’t afford one of those fancy $20 egg poachers maybe you can afford a $1.49 bottle of vinegar. If not you can ‘poach’ some from the nearest fast food joint. A tablespoon of vinegar is 2 cups of boiling water and presto you have a $20 egg poacher. 

 For some reason the vinegar holds the egg together and while it looks strange at first, as white ghostly tendrils float out from the centre mass I assure you the golden centre is safely trapped by the acidic vinegar mix. 

 A few short minutes later you can strain away the bitter liquid and place your misshapen creations on the obligatory toast and as you cut into them,

   the liquid gold that is contained within this white cloud will leak out and drench your toast in flavour. Add some salt and pepper, or if you have it, a slice of ham underneath and a sauce of reduced mushroom soup overtop and enjoy poached eggs just like great great grandma use to make. 



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