EATster is coming, so it’s time for LENTils 

Once again my wife has taken over the kitchen, and sowed her magic. A food that I had only seen on store shelves before we met has become a staple in my diet.

Lentils, those little green yellow and red pills in the dried food lane, are actually, dried food. It’s amazing! You pour some into water over night, and like those growing toys we use to play with, they expand. Not into cool shapes like dinosaurs or spacemen, but into bigger green, yellow and red pills. Eatable pills of nutritional goodness. While we have not experimented with the red or yellow ones, Luz cooks up the greens or browns like a master. Sometimes with ground beef, sometimes with spinach, sometimes, like tonight, with carrots potatoes and onions.

While I am a bit disappointed they are not dinosaur shaped, they are still presentable on the traditional white rice base, and again I sprinkle the creation with black sesame seeds, because they look cool, and are a distinct flavour addition..but mostly they just look cool. 

A few bites into this hearty meal and I think about how, while I have never encountered them in my traditional Irish Canadian upbringing, they are a constant and regular meal in so many other nations. 

Under appreciated, the bean and Lentil choices are endless, and just as the rainforest contains so many hidden treasures under its mysterious canopy that no man has yet seen, the dried food lane of the grocery store contains sensual treasures we have not tasted, under those mysterious Cans of Peas.

Plan a trip to the dried food aisle at the local grocery store. It’s an exploration of strange new lands, made all the more enjoyable by fewer mosquito bites.


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