Peanut Pancake Butter Batter 

I hope this is as fun to eat as it was to name. 

Having run out of jam after using it to flavour everything in the kitchen I find a limited selection of products to diversify my pancake choices. 

Cheese? Not in the mood

Mushroom or chicken soup? Not that adventuresome 

Spaghetti sauce? Yeah, not likely

Tang fruit crystals? Hmm, maybe another day.

Peanut butter? Sure 

An extra large dollop of peanut butter into the blender and off we go.

Add the pancake batter slowly to evenly spread the concoction and into the frying pan.

This is a bit disturbing, almost looks alive 

Nice colour, rises a surprising amount, more cake then pancake. 

I am receiving some loud objections to my cooking from the smoke detector, but it’s really just seeking attention. 

Tastes great, while moist on the plate, and bathed in syrup, they seem to be drawing moisture from my mouth and sucking up the syrup like a starving hummingbird at a feeder. Spongelike would be an appropriate term, if sponges were tasty golden brown sweet breakfast products.

Good, clear unsurprising peanut buttery taste, but missing something. Syrup doesn’t quite cut it. They need something to complement the blandness of peanut butter, perhaps I should have added a bit of salt, or pepper, or gone the other way with a chocolate syrup and sliced banana.

So while this turned into a fine breakfast, it has no wow factor to speak of. No blast of flavour, no hesitation of meditation, a subtlety of flavour that makes the effort of adding the peanut butter without further embellishments a waste of time. I have created a foundation and moved in without adding walls and a roof. And no matter how excellent that foundation, without the proper effort to finish the project, it’s still just a hole in the ground.

How would you build on this? 


One thought on “Peanut Pancake Butter Batter 

  1. Strawberry compote add frozen strawberries to the blender with sugar water. Blend till smooth. Heat thicken with cornstarch and water


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