Peanut Pancake Butter Batter Redux: fruit is the key. 

I asked you to contribute ideas on how to enhance my peanut butter pancakes. Many suggested chocolate and banana, while others called for various fruits. One person recommended powdered sugar, which sounds promising, and one adventurous soul recommended a shrimp paste.

The shrimp paste is not going to enter my house much less my mouth. But I took the fruit suggestions to heart, and as it’s Saturday and I have the day off, it was time to try some skill testing challenges, and am so glad I did. This may be my finest creation to date.

Blending a banana with a half dozen large strawberries, 2 tablespoons of sugar and a 1/4 cup of water to make a sauce that I then further reduced over low heat while I made the peanut pancake butter batter. ( it’s just fun to say)

Pancakes finished to a golden brown I added a strip of sliced banana and a generous helping of the fruit puree sauce and a dribble of maple syrup to glisten over the presentation.

 From the first taste I knew I was on to something, the peanut butter is hidden in the mix, but drifts along to tease you as you finish each bite. The strawberry tartness is cut by the banana leaving an almost cream soda flavour to dance around your palate with each delicious bite. Followed by that hint of peanut.

Each bite was a treat, as close as you can come to a strawberry Sunday with all the fixings but served warm while leaving you more satisfied then any frozen milk product possibly can.

A hit with my wife and even the grand kids, who abandoned cookies and popcorn to indulge in this treat tells me this is a wildly successful experiment in culinary mix and match and no sea bug shrimp was harmed in the making of this delight.


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