Hunger, the best spice 

Today’s pennylessFoodie article is as empty as my pantry. Poverty has emptied my fridge and cupboards leaving them cleaner then the eat anything dog can leave a plate.

Luz, my wife has assembled the last of the veggies and tossed them into a vat of canned spaghetti sauce to simmer. Part of a zucchini, some cauliflower and some for lone carrots join the last of the potatoes in their misery as they bubble away to oblivion.

Suddenly a new scent edges its way through the stench of debt infused air. Lightly at first, then with ever growing strength, the aroma of cooking wafts the fear and morbidity away, to replace it with the spicy tang of hope and love.

No matter how simple the meal, the fact that there is food happily boiling along in a pot, brightens any day. A lack of selection, a shortness of goods, a simplicity of need flavours this pot. And it is spiced by that universal aditive that can enhance any meal. Hunger.

Far too many people tonight will not even have this simple fare, and on this cool February eve, I think of their plight and how their hunger continues while I eat at all.

Be thankful, for what you have.


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