The Wonder of Zucchini

I found half a zucchini in the fridge and boy am I excited. This under-appreciated vegetable is a wonder. A gift to the culinary arts with it’s almost magical ability to absorb and enhance the flavor of almost any meal. Simply by slicing or dicing this green tubular object and introducing it to your frying pan you change the colour and texture of your dinner, without losing the flavor. It picks up the taste of what ever is around it like a chameleon changes it’s colour. In a instant a boring dish contains a surprise. Flashes of cool fall juiciness leap like cool little firecrackers in your mouth adding just the right amount of je ne say quoi to je suis.

Chopping up the last two poultry wieners I know that the zucchini will make even those unappetizing meat sticks into a delight, I fry the paired items up in a pan with salt pepper and spill a pinch of Garlic into the pan. As they sizzle away I crack open the hard shells of a few eggs and invite them into party. Moments later all three are happily simmering together in the pan ready to be consumed.

But wait, this is just a meal. A mess of food prepared simply to provide energy to the hungry body. The Zucchini deserves more. It deserves to be immortalized for it’s sacrifice to sweeten the offensive wieners. I reach for my secret ingredient. The rare black sesame seeds. Be it a stir fry, a ham or any other baked or fried meal, a pinch or two of these little beads can turn a meal into art.

As every hero of Irish legend, who either fails in the attempt or dies succeeding, the Zucchini, modest cousin to the flashy pumpkin, silent brother to the odorous squash preforms it’s task without fanfare or holiday tradition, but simply because the task is there, and it meets it’s destiny proudly and succeeds.

Having now adorned the zucchini in it black jewellery I place it on the plate to be sacrificed to my hunger, a fitting end for this modest hero of taste.


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