St. Paddy’s Day at the Ale House

Tonight after work I will likely drop by my regular watering hole, the Ale House. In a fit of Celtic fever, I shall river dance the short distance from office to bar, prancing like a epileptic pony, leaping like a helium filled gazelle , free from my bondage,  the spirit of Eire, that which seers the burning love of politics into my soul, that which infuses the wordsmith within with gregarious eloquence and roguish humor, will carry me to gather with my clansmen, both real and imagined and celebrate the bragish deed of St. Patrick. St. Patrick who chased the proverbial snakes from my ancestral home. A home that was bloodily claimed by a distant ancestor as his own when he chopped his hand from his body, and cast it on the shore to win a kingdom, by cheating. As first to lay his hand on the land, Neal, lay claim to the Emerald Isle, became its king, and became the only king in history, who’s most recognized portrait is the bloody red cast off extremity he did not possess during his entire reign.

Never say we Irish don’t have a sense of satire.

To the Ale House this highwayman shall ride.

With a fine selection of beers and a price to match my income, it’s a great place to meet with friends for a few drinks and snacks. I have never been disappointed with the food. As long as you are not setting your expectations to high, it’s got very good pub fare, and in 3 plus years, I have never had an issue with the food. Personal favourite? The poutine, fries, gravy and cheese curds in a lasagna boat. No added items, no fancy box, just a good dish with crisp fries to satisfy my Irish heritage, and gravy and curds to complement my bilingual life. 

Tonight I will likely drop by for one of my favourite beers, sadly it will not be a Wellington dark, as it does not turn a reasonable shade of green, but perhaps a 50 or the like ale that can be infused with dye and become the shamrock shake of the adult world that one day a year we celebrate my heritage. 

If you be looking for a dark quiet pub to chat with your mates, with the exception of major alcohol fuelled holidays, this here’s the place. If you like your meal or beverage served by an auburn haired girl( they all seem to use the same hair dye) in a short kilt, or for that matter a man in a kilt, this is the place.If you want something a bit brighter, or a party atmosphere, drop by tonight, because tonight is one of the few times this place will be overflowing with happy people who just want a good time.


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