Pragmatic cooking

so I purchased some nice eye of round stake, which for some inexplicable reason, was cheaper then stewing beef, and a bottle of red wine to make my amazing melt in your mouth sautéed beef. Over the next two days I daydreamed about this succulent dish, the way it tangs on your tongue before you bite down on the softest beef you have ever had. The juices roll  together over the palet  like liquid velvet, crimson waves of velvet, bite after bite. It is a joy to make and consume. It just required the time to make it.

five days of non stop activity later I came home to see the slow cooker out. Tired of waiting, my wife, ever the pragmatist, Has drank the wine and made a stew.

She has made her own version of the dish. Cubeing the beef and adding carrots potatoes and spice, she doused the mix in water and drank the bottle of wine while her stew cooked.

While not my velvet waves of crimson flavour, it is still a tender beef dish with hearty flavour and involved no work on my part, so being the reasonable and sensible husband I am, I shall eat it, and not…shall we say…wine. 


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