Alchemy in a pan. 

One of the things I enjoy about writing this blog, is the messes it’s to vary my creations to have something to expand the content. As a result, I have started mixing things together that I never have before. While some are timid, others are bold out of box concepts with no preconceived notion of the results.

Due to this experimentation to turn leaden food to golden meals I have made some mistakes such as peanut butter and maple, but also remarkable discoveries. Orange mango mint being one. And last nights bacon and mushroom was another.

I had two lowly mushrooms left in the fridge that caught my eye as I was reaching for the bacon, and with that classic phrase that precedes every discovery or personal disaster in history “why not” I proceeded to travel that narrow trecherous path that can lead to greatness,  or dismal failure.

As I tossed the bacon into the pan I adder the fine slices of purchased fungus to the heat. As the bacon and mushrooms sweltered together in the splattering juices they changed. The bacon flavour, always so distinct and powerful imbued but did not overpower the mushrooms, and to my delight, the mushrooms were able to lightly flavour the bacon with a hint of their distinction, together the two became something new. Pan frying the bread in the remaining mushroom infused bacon grease I enjoyed a delightful new sandwich. While not the gold of an alchemist, it was far from a disaster of culinary chemistry. 



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