Quest for the dragon fruit treasure

I had heard tales of the dragon over the last few years, it had made an appearance in the area recently in the vegetable fields of the urban grocers and fruit patches of Asian markets. I had caught glimpses myself even, of this thorny flamboyant creature while plucking bananas from a bin, but had never pursued it, feeling I had not earned enough experience to quest after it.

Recently I felt I was prepared for this quest and equipped myself for the adventure. A dragon fruit had taken up residence close by in the cool white cave by were I slept. So arming myself with my French short sword I followed the prey into its refrigerated den.

With unexpected suddenness I glimpsed it’s red and green scaled hide. It sat before me, not cowering in a dark corner but dead center, the light reflecting off its flaming skin in crimson and vermilion hues. Reaching forth I grasped it firmly and wrestled it manfully from the recesses of its domain. I managed to hold it long enough to grasp my sword and with a mighty thrust I clove it asunder, and split its thick blood red skin and drove through its flesh, smiting it into two halves with that single blow.

The treasure of the dragon fruit was mine for the taking as it glistened there like gelatinous ivory studded with ebony flecks. Grasping a small shovel I had thoughtfully included in my pack, I began to shovel the sought after riches into my open maw and finally, after years, tasted the very flesh of a dragon fruit.

I was mildly disappointed to find that this beast had wasted most of its exoticism on its flamboyant colour and shape, leaving little for flavour. Unexpectedly subtle like a watermelon crossed with a kiwi it was unexpectedly mild mannered compared to its chaotic prismatic exterior. Like finding out Lady Gaga’s favorite pastime is golf. This dragon was blistering bluster over blandish bite.

Not one to feel defeat after such a monumental achievement, I sweetened my victory with a sprinkle of sugar, and with that slight embellishment was able to share my epic to its full potential with you today.


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