Bread substitute 

As I prepare my lunch for work today I encounter an unexpected engineering problem. I have one piece of bread. In the fridge is a plethora of deli meats, ham, roast beef, turkey, but only a single slice of bread to be found. My sandwich making comes to a complete halt as I consider this issue.

Do I place the meat back in the fridge and settle for a pack of ramen? Do I risk being late and cooking up some frozen treat? Or do I push on and persevere in sandwich making? But how?

My breakfast provides the answer. As I am mixing up a batch of chocolate chip pancake batter the shape and consistency, even the very ingredients bare a striking resemblance to bread. Could I substitute the pancake as bread? 

How out of the box, how novel, what a solution! Adding a tad more mix, I made a few extra flapjacks and engaged myself in the effort.

Like bread I placed a pancake on the plate, so far, it’s still a comfortable everyday act. With extreme care I place a few thin slices of ham on the pancake…there does not appear to be any explosive or adverse reaction..gently I position another pancake over the construct and lower it slowly into place…

It held! This avant guard new age construction seems to pass inspection and safety standards. Bolder now, I place EVEN MORE ham on top and with steady hand, another pancake on top. 

Not wanting to risk the collapse of this edifice I drive two wooden pillars, just off centre of each other, through the levels of flour and pork products and announce to the site foreman its completion. With a flick of her tail the foreman signals her approval and jumps off the counter in search of another project, while I pack this novel creation up for its journey to work, where it can be admired and envied by my coworkers as they munch away on their conservative bread encased sandwiches and dream of better meals.

UPDATE: don’t have to do that again, bagged me some bread



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