Potato balls: From the myths of legend

Potato balls, a treat my wife makes for birthdays. Golden deep fried orbs of goodness snatched up and consumed by party goers at a speed that defies description. Of the 2 dozen or so she made, these three were the last by the time I got my camera out.


 Today’s example are quite simple. Ground beef and onion fried up and added to a mass of mashed potatoes seasoned with garlic salt. Rolled into balls and then dipped in a flour egg batter before being lowered into a pot of bubbling oil.

At other times she adds whatever is available. Bits of red or green pepper, a vast selection of spices can be used to flavour the potatoes. Cheese, spinach, pork, chicken, plantain, Pretty well anything you would serve mashed potatoes as a side dish can be  pounded into the mashed potato mix shaped into tasty spheres, battered and fried to a rich golden brown and served.

Of the guests this day about half had never had this creation before and they were ecstatic in their appreciation and delight. leaving me struggling like Hercules to reach the bowl and steal a few of these golden spheres of legendary renown.

Like the golden apples of Melanion used to distract Atalanta in Greek mythology, or the God rejuvenating golden apples of Idun in Norse legends. These golden spheres are destine for mythological immortality, that is, if they can stay on the plate long enough to memorialized.


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