Time, the secret ingredient to eating better. 

Today we address the most important spice to make every meal better. Thyme…no, sorry..it’s Time 

Taking that few extra minutes can turn your food into a meal or your supper into a dinner. Sure you can wolf down a prepackaged nutrients bar like some character from star trek eating foam squares. Toss a microwave dinner into the radiation machine and eat its alternating warm and almost frozen forkfuls. But aren’t your tastebuds and health worth a few minutes of your time?

Option 1

I use breakfast as an example. Rushing out the door to catch the bus I grab a tinfoil package of pressed flour product. Somewhere between crackers bread and cake, but not really any of the above. Pressed between the layers of unidentified product appears to be jam, so loaded with preservatives the colour is really the only similarity to fruit. This monstrosity is then coated with an icing that is more closely related to hard candy then frosting and hermetically sealed in a tinfoil pack with pop tart embossed on its face. A box of these 4 double packed foodlike items sells for about $3.50. So 2 pop tarts are about 82 cents.

Option 2

I spend 10 less minutes fussing with my hair, beard, Internet argument,cat video, and place 3 glorious eggs and a splash of milk in a bowl. I slice up two small succulent mushrooms and half a small rich red tomato while a pan heats on the stove. I pour the mix into the pan, get a plate out and maybe some cold meat left overs and set it on the table. I then flip over the golden delicious omelette and slide it onto the plate like a master chef at a four star hotel. Presto a full breakfast in under 10 minutes.

3 eggs at $2.50 a dozen 63 cents

2 mushrooms 13 cents

Half a tomato 18 cents

Total 94 cents 

So the total difference between these choices is 12 cents and 10 minutes.

Think it’s worth it? 


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