Mustard’s natural mate

do you see that only yellow bottle in your fridge? Usually waiting to be Katchup’s sidekick? The heroic, but not hero of your burger? The Robin to Batman, Tonto to the Lone Ranger,  Vice President, of the hotdog bun? 

How sad, to always be second place, but there is one meaty byproduct that will always welcome Mustard as its crown. One sandwich that just isn’t complete without its sunny touch. Baloney
Yes, Baloney that round mystery meat that has topped sandwich bread for generations. Sliced from some never seen baloney meat animal, it tastes nothing like chicken, beef or pork, but stands alone, like rattlesnake meat in distinction, but as familiar as milk in the fridges of North America. 

We know the eggs come from chickens, the milk from a cow, but the baloney? The baloney comes from a package, and we are okay with that.

We happily take those round slices and slap them onto bread and top them with the afore mentioned mustard. A halo, or crown of yellow sauce that adds tang to our sandwich and zest to our lunch. 

The baloney is happy, the mustard is happy, and we are happy. What more can you ask from such delicious symmetry.  


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